Monday, March 30, 2009

Long Beach!

This is my husband, aren't you jealous??? hahaha, well here I am, updating after FOREVER of not updating. Sorry! So last weekend, 3/19-3/22, Rob was able to go to Long Beach, CA (I joined friday night) for a National Aeronautics and Astronautics Conference. He is a member of AIAA (The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics). He originally signed up through BYU and then got to go to this pretty cool convention, all expenses paid, with wife invitation :) So he headed up with 7 others from his school in a big van on Thursday morning at 6. Poor guy, haha. Then went to some conventions that had some really big words and long explenations, that if you are interested you can ask him because I can't remember at all... But he thought it was pretty cool. I was able to join him by Flying JetBlue (Thanks Mom!) and got in Friday night about 8:30. We stayed at the Marriott right next to the airport, really really nice place btw.
So Saturday came and we decided we wanted to go out and do something. After about an hour of trying to figure out wat ot do, we got on the bus and headed to Long Beach Downtown. We were just hoping we got on the right bus haha.
As you can see, we made it okay :) We found this really cute little strip mall (behind Rob) and that led us to the Aquarium and Queen Mary.

You can see in inbetween us in the distance, apparently Queen Mary gave it to us because she wanted a NEW vacation ship, apparently this one wasn't big enough or goo enough!!!!

SO then we went to the Aquarium, we decided that we needed to go somewhere and spend some money... ouch... but well it's pretty cool :)

We got to touch GIANT Stingray, see the sharks, the jelly fish, and the playful seals. It was fun, Rob was a little disapionted because he thought it was Sea World, but I broke the news to him and then he understood why he couldn't find REALLY big fish.

Over all it was a really fun, almost free, mini vacation :) We drove back in that aweful van on Sunday and arrived about 7:30pm... I am proud to say that compared to who Rob went with, Rob is like a Jock hahaha, those guys were beyond the nerd scale! I mean one of them wears goggles when he bike rides through campus so that he doesn't get stuff in his eyes hahaha, sorry but that was really funny to me :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So today is the day that I sent Rob's immigration papers!!!!! YAY!!!! Now we just wait. But it's so great to know that we have officially started the process and will hopefully be hearing from the USCIS office soon :) Everyone please pray for us to get this done quickly!
I was sick yesterday with the stomach flu from 5 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, so naturally I didn't go to work. Yeah well when I got there EVERYONE was joking that I was pregnant!!! NO... If you hear these rumors, they are just rumors, one of our kids in Primary was sick, so the little darling passed it to me... I love those kids haha, jk I really do. Today I am feeling awesome and am NOT pregnant... Don't think though that it didn't cross our minds for a couple of scarry moments. :)
Anyways, Rob is going to the AeroSpace Conference in Long Beach, CA this weekend and hopefully if flights allow it, I'll be able to join him and maybe visit Natalie, Brian, and their beautiful babies :)
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's about time haha

I know, it's about time! it's been a whole month! but it sure has been a busy one, and yes I have pictures :) so totally worth the wait!

This may look like a regular
piece of garlic but it's not, it has a plant
growing out of it :) We don't even have to water it.
Easiest plant on the earth haha

So this is a picture of the Peter Brienholt concert we went to at BYU, this guy is hilarious! It was so much fun! It's was nice to get out of the apartment and really do something in a town that there is nothing to do.

This is Rob and I working on Rob's airplane for his ME Mechanical Engineering class, it's pretty sweet, the things you see are the wings :)

This is us at the Y on the mountain :) We took
this hike on the 21st for the need of doing
something fun and none lazy
So that's what's been going on in a nut shell, and now it is time to say goodnight :)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Going back in time...sorry!

So I just downloaded all the pictures I had on our camera and found these! haha, I just forgot about them, this is my Birthday, I came home and Rob was making this AMAZING dinner! I love that he can cook, it was so yummy! It was Salmon, rice, avacado, and some thinly sliced fruit! So beautiful! Yea I can't cook like that, so I'm jealous haha.

Yeah pretty much amazing!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hidden Blessings

So it's crazy how when you think that things couldn't get worse, you find the hidden blessings that Heavenly Father is trying to do for us. On Friday (1/16) I found out that my boss had hired a new girl... the one to replace me... so this means now I only have 2 weeks left. WHAT! I have been doing everything I could to find a job and nothing has been happening. Rob and I have been faithful in our prayers and went to the temple twice to seek further guidance and now we have a new girl. Well I do have to say that I was kinda resentful at first when she came in. But you know how it is, how can you be happy for someones first day when it's to take your job that you have been working so hard for the last 3 months?
So there I was, my boss told me that she would be sitting with me and that I needed to start training her. Okay. So I started. I realize that being mean and resentful towards someone just isn't in my nature.... so I started to talk to her, asking her questions about herself. Well just so happens that she was married the same day as me, married a Mexican (he is also not a citizen), and has the same nickname as me!!! WHOA! so that was Friday.... Monday came and I ask more stuff because we are really liking each other, she's funny and really sweet. Turns out that she has already done all the paperwork for her husbands residency!!!!!! WOW!!!! Rob and I have been trying to figure it out and it's so frustrating! The website literally gives you no instructions, neither does the hot line. You can't even talk to a real person on the phone! So it really makes it hard to try to do paperwork when you don't even know what you're doing!
SO, she's done all this, she knows the paperwork and what to fill out what and where, she taught me almost everything Monday and Tuesday! So dude, I know that our circumstances with the job aren't the best, (still haven't heard anything) but Rob and I know that this was suppose to happen! Heavenly Father knew we needed help with the paperwork and he sent us a wonderful girl! So even in the darkest of times, when I was crying my eyes out every night, HE knew what he was doing, he just needed us to be patient. :) YA!
HE does work in mysterious ways but I am so grateful!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

here's some more wedding :)

The SUPER hot couple haha

The Rock Star

The Stud

We look good together!

These are the MANLY men of the family hehe

As you can tell, we are all HAPPY to be here haha

This is just some our Mexican family :)

These are all of my brothers and sisters... the original "Hale clan"

So these are all of my BEAUTIFUL sisters!

THE CAKE!!!! *angels singing*

That's all for now :)

When one door closes another opens...right?

Well, what can I say, this has been a VERY challanging week for both Rob and I. On Monday I went to work like any other day and then found out that I have to look for a new job. To be short on what my boss told me, "You are not doing well enough here to deserve the privilege of benefits or to be a full time worker". Wow, what a shock... I have been working my butt off for this company, TRAINING myself because "once you enter this job you should know how to do everything", or at least that's how I was treated. I was never trained to do really anything and then was thrust into this whirlwind of things to do and that had deadlines. My boss called it "common knowledge" that I should just know what he wanted and to do it before he asked. Well maybe the software we use is common knowledge to HIM since HE designed it and created it, but to someone who NEVER used Microsoft Access, except for a quick review in collage (I mean WHO even uses Access?) it wasn't really "common knowlege". So being new at this job and expected to do things I had no idea about, I tried my best and taught myself, problem was, I didn't learn quick enough. So soon we hired a 2nd girl (who lasted 1 and 1/2 days, because my boss is a jerk) and then we hired another girl (who lasted 3 weeks then quit, also because of my boss) now we have another girl, who regrets accepting this job offer since now everything has been thrust at her and I now have nothing to do.... So I teach her as much as I know. She has no clue how to do half of it without my help because it isn't "common knowledge" so at least I know it's not just me.
So my options were, when I was told that he was cutting my hours and benefits were, either stay and work (because I'm good enough of a worker that he doesn't totally want to let me go) or find a new job and when he finds a replacement for me I have 2 weeks to be gone.
Today starts the beginning of the interviews. I found out that within the last 6 months, there have been 10 turn overs in my position... you'd think that maybe he'd learn... but no, once I finally catch on to everything and how to do it all, I am basically let go.
So now I am job hunting at work since my boss no longer talks to me or gives me anything to do... it's so boring, and I feel bad that I complain to Rob so much. He's such a good sport and a great support for me. I just haven't received any email's back for resume's I've sent. I've been told that it's only "up" from here, I'm just waiting for that "up".
Well also today is my 2 month aniversary for marrying Rob :) so it has to be a better day right?