Friday, December 5, 2008

At work again

So I'm on a break that I should have taken at lunch, but that never happened.... so I'm breaking now :) It has been 3 weeks since I got married and it has been so fun!!! It has gone by so quick! It's pretty cool because now we don't have to say goodbye.

Well I guess I'll start off now, since being married I have started to realize some things I miss about being home.... like INTERNET!!! We don't have it at home so either we drive to BYU or I do what I have to here. Also, nice heat. We have heating but it's weird, it's this wiring in the walls and ceiling that heat up the place, no vents, or on the floor electric heat... it's IN the walls. So it takes FOREVER to get the place warm. Though thanks to our curtains which, hide the broken window and the blinds that don't really close, it stays warm longer.

Oh I have to complain about not having a dishwasher but being the dishwasher, it makes me not want to use anything because I'll just have to clean it right after! HAHAHA so I get frustrated when I have done ALL the dishes then Rob pulls out a knife... hahaha poor guy, he ends up cleaning it because he can tell i'm not happy hahaha.

Otherwise life has been awesome, and what do you expect with a first apartment? so I guess we have it pretty good :)