Monday, November 10, 2008


So here I am sitting at work on my lunch, and I get a text from my wonderful husband-to-be, "HAPPY ONE YEAR!!!!" WOW!!!! one year we have been together! we jave been friends for 2 years and half of that has been dating! We get married on FIRDAY!!!! I love the feeling of getting married to my best friend!!!! :)


The Walker clan said...

Congrats...but know you really start counting. Your one year being married will come befor you know it! So happy almost a week married :)

spideybrian said...

Erika!!!! I'm so happy to find your blog!!! I'm so sorry we couldn't make it to your reception, it was a crazy day for us, but I'm super happy for you and the adventures to follow!!! Now I can peek in on you anytime!!