Monday, March 2, 2009

It's about time haha

I know, it's about time! it's been a whole month! but it sure has been a busy one, and yes I have pictures :) so totally worth the wait!

This may look like a regular
piece of garlic but it's not, it has a plant
growing out of it :) We don't even have to water it.
Easiest plant on the earth haha

So this is a picture of the Peter Brienholt concert we went to at BYU, this guy is hilarious! It was so much fun! It's was nice to get out of the apartment and really do something in a town that there is nothing to do.

This is Rob and I working on Rob's airplane for his ME Mechanical Engineering class, it's pretty sweet, the things you see are the wings :)

This is us at the Y on the mountain :) We took
this hike on the 21st for the need of doing
something fun and none lazy
So that's what's been going on in a nut shell, and now it is time to say goodnight :)


Greg said...

very awesome Erika!! I haven't seen anything from you in so long. Anyways, I hope things are good!! Love you,

The Walker clan said...

did you buy that garlic? Oh the good ol peterbrienholt days...sigh... thanks for the update!

Laura said...

Nice update! What the crap is that garlic doing? Drugs?! You have been having some super fun in Provo!!! good job on finding the fun!

spideybrian said...

Sweet!! It's about time you posted something!! :) Love the pics!!