Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An update? Really??

Okay so I know it's been a while...let us just say it's been a busy year and well this blogging stuff makes me frustrated because it always seems to mess up or delete what I was writing, so really I have attempted to update but really the site hates me. So I am trying this again :)

Let's see, let's begin with... I'm pregnant, well most of you already know that, considering that you are family or friends and are friends with me on facebook. So I'm 27 weeks, 28 on Friday, and thus begins my 3rd and final trimester...dun dun dunnnn But really I'm excited and just only a little nervous. Last night was the first night (of many more to come) that I could hardly sleep because Penelope (baby) was kicking my ribs so much, even after I would change positions she would start right back up again. Maybe she's just letting me know that she's going to be a night person and she's just letting me know early so I can prepare hehe. Penny's room is almost done, we have a crib (with no mattress) but who can blame mom when there is bargain shopping to be had? We decided to get those plastic storage drawers to go in the closet instead of a dresser, since there really isn't room anyways. We still need a changing table, we want a bookcase, and a glider...come on KSL! We also need to get a car seat and stroller, so grateful for the in-laws, they offered to pay for those :) I bought our first Costco box of size 2 diapers because my neighbors convinced me to get prepared early and then when she actually comes we won't have to worry about all of the added expenses all at once. I never completely realized how much it takes to have a baby in this world, there are so many things we have or want to get!

So I'm in school, STILL going to LDS Business College, I really only have 6 credits left to graduate, but it's a slow process. Rob is entering the last stages of school. Once I have Penny (who is due June 3rd) he will only have 2 semesters left, yahoo!!! So after my 12 weeks of maternity leave I will go back to work so that he can get done, but only 2 semesters... there is a light at the end of this tunnel :) He has been thinking of becoming a Nuclear Engineer, building airplanes is no longer exciting enough for him haha, I just smile and nod because as far as I know airplanes are grown on a farm by little airplane seeds haha. But he is super smart and I love seeing him so excited about school and what he is learning, even though I hardly understand half of it. Go Rob!

We went to Mexico this year for Christmas and New Year's to be with family. It was so much fun! I found out though that goat doesn't really sit well in my stomach and after 3 days of tacos I was on a diet of just veggies because they were the only thing that didn't make me sick. So besides being super tired and only eating veggies, we had a blast! We visited a lot of the city (Guadalajara) again and hung out with family. We miss them terribly but it was nice to come home.

I think that is basically it, I will upload a picture of me pregnant a little later, my camera is upstairs and I'm tired still from last night. Good night :)


Natalie said...

Well..that was amazing! An updated blog :) Fun to read! Penny, huh? I was wondering if there was going to be a shorter name for Penelope :) Cute!

Katie and Todd said...

Yeah an update Erika. So cute. I can't wait to come over and see the room all put together. Our girls are going to have so much fun together.

Allyson said...

Thanks for the update Erika! I look forward to your tummy pictures!

Laura said...

Yippee you updated!!! I love your comment on airplanes growing from seeds, laughed so hard! Baby is keeping you up now? Oh, just wait then! This is the beginning of a LONG stretch of never getting a full nights sleep. (I am on the other end when sleep has returned to my life once it!)

The Walker clan said...

FINALLY!!! an update...not that I'm much better :) Yes all this keeping you up all night really is practice for when she is here and you are up all night :) But it is all worth it I promise. I am so jealouse of Laura!!!