Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Final Week

The final week has come... really the final day, technically only one day left in 3 hours. Wow how time has flown! This picture of me kissing my cute husband was just taken minutes ago. As you can see, we are both extremely excited! And who wouldn't be?? I have heard that children are some of the greatest blessings in a family, so bring on the blessings!!! :)

Amazing thing that happened to me today was that I had this amazing energy that I haven't had for so long that I was kind of taken back. I swear I could have run a marathon and not have been winded. Signs of things to come? I hope so :) So I was at work and I just couldn't sit still, I needed to get out of there, so what did I do? Well I finished up the project that I was working on and left. I went home and hung out with my wonderful friend next door. We had girl talk, went to Old Navy and to Ross, then before we knew it, it was 5:30! I had all the intentions of the world to go walking but well, it was raining. So that just didn't happen, unless you count Old Navy and Ross. ;)

This has really been an amazing journey, with the emotional roller coasters, the weight gain, and the mental blockage. But really it has been incredible. I know that I have lost some brain cells through the months, like calling a handful of M&M's banana's and drawing a blank on my husband's name when I kissed him goodbye one morning (don't worry, no other names came to mind when this happened). But I have learned so much about my body and my wonderful husband. I guess you never really realize how much your spouse loves you until you have him tying your shoe laces and propping you with pillows right before you go to bed. It is quite amazing what he would do for me just to make sure I'm as comfortable as possible, even dealing with me having horrible pregnancy gas. It's just such a wonderful feeling to be so completely loved by your eternal companion.

So onto more updates....

So just to update a little... THIS beautiful picture of Rob and Grace were taken a couple of weeks ago at family dinner. As you can see Grace has Rob wrapped around her little finger, isn't he adorable?? He's some sort of gypsie person I think. Anyways, it was just too cute to to not take a picture.

This is one LUCKY girl!! May 1st I had a baby shower, thrown by my wonderful sisters and wow did I have such a great turn out! We got so many things that we needed and wanted it was truly a fabulous shower. It was so wonderful to see all my loved ones there too!

This picture was taken at the end of April because Rob's parents wanted a picture of me... but not just any picture. They wanted it to be of me pregnant, in a dress, and with curly hair. So after a couple of Sundays of forgetting to do it until we would talk to his family that night, we finally remembered. So this is just after church on a gorgeous spring day!

Are there even words to describe how awesomely horrible these glasses are?? We were at the mall and walking through Nordstrom to get back to our car when Rob saw these pairs of glasses and just HAD to try them on! They cost about $25!!! Yeah right Nordstrom.


Rachel Dartt said...


Allyson said...

Wahoo! You're almost there!

Laura said...

Just when you update, it's outdated! hee hee! You had a wonderful pregnancy, sounds like you'll do it again..that's always a good sign! You sure were a super cute prego! Fun pics, and loved the update!

spideybrian said...

SO SAD that I couldn't be at that shower!! Would've been so fun!! Can't wait to see pics of your little chick and hear the whole labor story!!

Congrats!! Parenthood is AWESOME!!, Hard, but AWESOME!!

Katie and Todd said...

When are you going to put some pics of that sweet baby girl on here? I mean I can see her whenever I decide to walk across the driveway, but I love pictures!