Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So today is the day that I sent Rob's immigration papers!!!!! YAY!!!! Now we just wait. But it's so great to know that we have officially started the process and will hopefully be hearing from the USCIS office soon :) Everyone please pray for us to get this done quickly!
I was sick yesterday with the stomach flu from 5 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, so naturally I didn't go to work. Yeah well when I got there EVERYONE was joking that I was pregnant!!! NO... If you hear these rumors, they are just rumors, one of our kids in Primary was sick, so the little darling passed it to me... I love those kids haha, jk I really do. Today I am feeling awesome and am NOT pregnant... Don't think though that it didn't cross our minds for a couple of scarry moments. :)
Anyways, Rob is going to the AeroSpace Conference in Long Beach, CA this weekend and hopefully if flights allow it, I'll be able to join him and maybe visit Natalie, Brian, and their beautiful babies :)
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Laura said...

What a great day for you two. I just know that things will go smoothly for you two! Keep us posted on the process. Jealous of California!! Have so much fun if you get to go!

The Walker clan said...

One day just you wait the sickness won't go away and you will be pregnant! :) But hopefully it will be expected! Let us know when the papers go through!

Erica fair said...

Aren't you taking something like birth control girly? If not its kinda actively trying to get pregnant if you aren't. Lol trust me.