Wednesday, January 14, 2009

here's some more wedding :)

The SUPER hot couple haha

The Rock Star

The Stud

We look good together!

These are the MANLY men of the family hehe

As you can tell, we are all HAPPY to be here haha

This is just some our Mexican family :)

These are all of my brothers and sisters... the original "Hale clan"

So these are all of my BEAUTIFUL sisters!

THE CAKE!!!! *angels singing*

That's all for now :)


Laura said...

I neeeeeeeeeeed copies of this pictures! They are amazing! Gosh you are beautiful, Rob so handsome! How do I obtain copies???

ErIkA and RoB said...

Well Mom and Dad have them on their computer! :) I saved ALL the pictures on their computer :)

Susan Hale said...

When you come on Sunday for dinner, let's get them on a CD for all! Of course, I don't know how but SOMEONE DOES. (sigh)