Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When one door closes another opens...right?

Well, what can I say, this has been a VERY challanging week for both Rob and I. On Monday I went to work like any other day and then found out that I have to look for a new job. To be short on what my boss told me, "You are not doing well enough here to deserve the privilege of benefits or to be a full time worker". Wow, what a shock... I have been working my butt off for this company, TRAINING myself because "once you enter this job you should know how to do everything", or at least that's how I was treated. I was never trained to do really anything and then was thrust into this whirlwind of things to do and that had deadlines. My boss called it "common knowledge" that I should just know what he wanted and to do it before he asked. Well maybe the software we use is common knowledge to HIM since HE designed it and created it, but to someone who NEVER used Microsoft Access, except for a quick review in collage (I mean WHO even uses Access?) it wasn't really "common knowlege". So being new at this job and expected to do things I had no idea about, I tried my best and taught myself, problem was, I didn't learn quick enough. So soon we hired a 2nd girl (who lasted 1 and 1/2 days, because my boss is a jerk) and then we hired another girl (who lasted 3 weeks then quit, also because of my boss) now we have another girl, who regrets accepting this job offer since now everything has been thrust at her and I now have nothing to do.... So I teach her as much as I know. She has no clue how to do half of it without my help because it isn't "common knowledge" so at least I know it's not just me.
So my options were, when I was told that he was cutting my hours and benefits were, either stay and work (because I'm good enough of a worker that he doesn't totally want to let me go) or find a new job and when he finds a replacement for me I have 2 weeks to be gone.
Today starts the beginning of the interviews. I found out that within the last 6 months, there have been 10 turn overs in my position... you'd think that maybe he'd learn... but no, once I finally catch on to everything and how to do it all, I am basically let go.
So now I am job hunting at work since my boss no longer talks to me or gives me anything to do... it's so boring, and I feel bad that I complain to Rob so much. He's such a good sport and a great support for me. I just haven't received any email's back for resume's I've sent. I've been told that it's only "up" from here, I'm just waiting for that "up".
Well also today is my 2 month aniversary for marrying Rob :) so it has to be a better day right?


The Walker clan said...

Sorry Erika!!! No worries as long as you are doing what is right you WILL be blessed! Hang in there the right job will come. I think these experiences now are teaching us to be as frugale as we can with the wonderful economy and all cause who knows when it will all go into the crap shoot and then what...anyways...welcome to the club :) we love you and have you in our prayers!

Laura said...

Better times are ahead..better times are ahead...better times are ahead..better times are ahead..
Just repeat that over and's how I make it through crap like this!

Greg said...

I love you Erika and Rob!! Things are always going to get better. I had a boss that was kind of the same way, only problem was, I can't quite the Marines and he can't fire me. lol, so we had to put up with one another and finally he was moved somewhere else. Now life is that much nicer before I come home and start the stress of finding something new to go with school. Just remember, your family is always there and so is the Lord. He will help you when you need it most. Sometimes things just go this way to see what you will do. Be strong and remember who you are.